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Monthly Archives: January 2016

You Worked Hard For Your Diploma. Frame It Well.

  Young people spend years achieving their diploma through hard work and study.  In addition to the time spent, many and/or their parents invest a lot of of money assuring a good education and the end result from finishing and graduating with a degree… and a diploma. With so many businesses offering to frame your Read the full article…

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The Art and Framing Industry Has Changed…For The Worst

  As a conservation framer, dedicated to preserving and protecting items being framed, it amazes me the sales tactics and false statements some of the “johnny come lately” framing establishments use to drum up sales.  They truly believe that people will accept their claims and advertising, and fall for it.  And, they are right, unfortunately. Read the full article…

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Why Collect Historical Autographs?

  Unlike rare coins or fine art, you can collect amazing rare letters and documents signed by prominent historical men and women for a fraction of what you would expect.  For example, a document signed by Abraham Lincoln as President can be had for around $5,000.  Whereas a coin of that same era of similar Read the full article…

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If you are going to invest, at least have fun doing it!

  In these uncertain economic times, when oil and stocks are facing shaky times, and you don’t know where to put your money, what do you do?  Put your money in something more challenging and educational! An excellent example is historical autographs and documents.  Historical autographs, unlike their more contemporary counterparts,  specifically sports and entertainment Read the full article…

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What REALLY is Museum Quality Framing?

  What is Museum Quality Framing?  Genuine Museum Quality Framing is when the art or artifact being framed is really protected from harm, not only from external factors like lighting, but also from improper materials and/or techniques used in the framing process. In my over 25 years of framing, I have seen artwork and important Read the full article…

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