A Bad Assumption When Framing Your Art and Artifacts

Abraham Lincoln signed letter as President

Most people know that my main specialty is framing historical documents, antique maps, prints, collectible coins and currency. My hobby turned into dealing and now, adding protecting these items for future generations to enjoy and pass down. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that these items need to be protected and preserved to maintain their condition and value.

But, these people also assume that all framing businesses know how to frame these artifacts and other important items to ensure their longevity.
Well, that’s a bad assumption.

Brittle “acid free” foamcore that has been outgassing

The first thing that one must know when framing these artworks and artifacts is to ensure they can be removed from the frame should the need arise. This is also called “reversibility”. In other words, any item framed should be able to be removed from the frame without problem. This could include if the owner wants to make copies of the item, sell it, appraise it or inspect it.

In my many years in the business, the overwhelming majority of framing jobs I have seen have actually poorly affected the item being framed.
This includes mat burns, acidic mountings,fading from improper glazing and even damage from the framer mishandling the object.

Badly faded signatures of sports figures from non UV acrylic

If you wish to protect and maintain the condition of your art object, then know what’s needed and ensure the framer can explain that in specific terms and show you the materials he or she will use on the items.
After all, its what you desire and the framer should know and understand that without brushing it off.

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