Antique Maps Make Wonderful Holiday Gifts

mapWarning:  Buying maps can be very addictive

Few things intrigue people more than a very early antique map.  Antique maps, unlike most things, present the person an opportunity to see places they have visited, were raised or worked in a very decorative and historical view.

As a long time collector and specialist of maps, it is fascinating to see the ornateness and beauty of our early maps.  Framing them allows the beauty to project from the frame to the viewer in such a way that it can mesmerize them!

Museum Framing possesses a nice inventory of city, state and local maps that make wonderful gifts. As a matter of fact, we carry old Washington DC maps from the 1860s and 1870s with gorgeous vignettes of our Nation’s landmarks as they appeared back then for, 100% Museum Framed, for around $250!

Currently, our inventory contains maps of Virginia, Falls Church, Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Washington DC, Maryland (showing inset of DC), City of Washington with inset of Georgetown) and parts of Southern Maryland.  Please contact us for availability as our inventory changes.



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