Buying Historical and Presidential Autographs Historical Documents and Letters for Serious Collectors


Proper framing techniques

Vellum Document was professionally encapsulated in Mylar for maximum preservation

Rick is interested in buying autographs, letters and documents of Presidents and other important Historical figures for a few serious clients we have known over the years.  Unlike dealers who buy autographs at a deep discount only to hold them in inventory for future resale, we have developed a list of clients and the various items they are actively searching for their collections.

This is better than consigning your letters, historical documents and other autographs to an auction company.


For the simple reason that your auction proceeds don’t get eaten away from the high auction fees and costs they impose on your collection or accumulation.  Did you know that most auctions charge the seller from 10% to 20% and the buyer of your material from 20% to 25%.  This means that up to 45% of the auction sales prices goes to the auction house!  Almost half the total auction proceeds goes to the auction company before you see a dime!

Additionally, you have to send your items to them at least a month or two before the sale.  Then, after the sale, it takes a month and half to 2 or 3 months before you see any proceeds.

What are our qualifications?  First, Rick Badwey has been (and still is) an active collector of historical and political Americana autographs for almost 30 years.  With this activity and in depth collecting, Rick has developed a knowledge base through experience and study.  He does this for the love and excitement of the hobby.   Rick has also built up a relationship with fellow collectors over the years.

If you have any items you would like to sell, or are curious of their value and importance, feel free to contact Rick at your leisure.

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