Collecting Rare Historical and Political Autographs



Proper framing techniques

George Washington Signed Document was Framed Archivally

Of the variety of collecting fields out there, nothing gives more pleasure than collecting autographs of famous people throughout history.  Acquiring a document or letter signed by an admired figure from colonial times through the modern era is truly rewarding. You can actually read about famous events and important news just by holding a historic document with famous signatures right in your hand.

Yes, the same letter you are holding is the exact same document held and signed by these people ages ago. Imagine holding an important Revolutionary War letter written and autographed by George Washington in the 1770s about soldier movements.  That same letter that he touched, wrote on and saw with his eyes… can be holding.  Wow, it truly is amazing.

Archival Framing

Conservation Framed President James Monroe Signed Document

Unlike stamps or coins, where numerous of the same specimen exists, each document is clearly unique.  These manuscripts tell a story that can have some impact on a historic event.  A different event, happening, even social occurrence of the day.

So, whether a colonial even, an important letter between two generals during the civil war, nothing is as rewarding as collecting historical and political autographs.


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