Beware of Cruise Ship Art Auctions!

How many of you have purchased art aboard cruise ship auctions?  If you haven’t, count yourself lucky!

Why?  Because these art auctions are nothing more than overpriced venues for moving virtually worthless art at inflated prices..  As a matter of fact, these art auctions are filled with reproduction artwork, most worth less than the paper they are printed on.

But, when you are on a vacation, drinking and having a leisurely great time on the ship, people can start getting a little bit careless with their money. Almost like the atmosphere in a casino.  Only with these auctions, there is no chance to really gain.

One has to ask themselves this.  If the art is really priced fair, why do they need a distracted atmosphere to move the product?  People can be impulsive buyers when they are having a great time, attention distracted, inebriated, or a disco like environment is in play.  This can be dangerous to the wallet.  And, when the customer arrives home when the cruise is over and does a little research, they end up regretting their purchase.

Although the art may be attractive and appealing on the surface, when more research is done or the frame is removed from the art, the truth becomes evident.  Depending on the price realized, the buyer ends up with an overpriced purchase.  Sad,

It has been shown that the vast majority of these works of art is worth FAR LESS than the purchase price, because tons of this stuff is produced daily!  Yes, I know that the operators produce a COA, but let’s face it, isn’t that a conflict of interest?   I mean, would you buy a used car from a sleaze shop just because the manager says its the deal of the century?  Get the point?

I am not here to rain on people’s parade, but I just think you need to understand that these venues are loaded with tricks and games to stimulate strong activity.

The bottom line is this.  If you have money to burn, want a “pretty” piece to hang on your wall and don’t care about your art having any or little value, art auctions may be your choice.

I work too hard to throw my money away.  And, I am sure you most of you feel the same way.

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