Custom Framing vs. Big Box Frames

Choosing from a selection of mats and frames

Beginning stage of mat and frame selection


Custom Framing is defined as having art, memorabilia or item of personal importance displayed to accommodate the size and personal tastes of the consumer having it framed.  This includes choosing the color of the framing elements to match the art being framed, the environment its’s hanging, the tastes of the consumer or anything else for that matter.

When one buys a frame off the shelf from a store, be it a local store or a big box store, the customer pretty much gets a standard frame with minimal materials inside.  There is no compensation for seeing if the mat complements the art nor if it is even appropriate for it.  It is at this point in the purchasing decision that the buyer just wants a way to hang his or her item for display.

Though some stores may have a choice of several to choose from, the availability is limited.  Additionally, the quality of the workmanship has a lot to be desired.  With minimal materials, the care is average, at best.

With custom framing, one has a larger variety of frames, mats and glazing to choose in a professional setting.  Custom framing allows for consumers to get personal advice on choosing the appropriate colors of frames and mats specifically to the tastes and desires of the consumer.

Within custom framing, some frame shops have niches.  For example, archival or conservation framing.  This is where that the materials and techniques involved with framing are made of ingredients that meet the standards of preserving the art being framed.  This means the way the item is framed will allow it to maintain its freshness over time.

Depending on the consumer’s tastes, there are levels of quality they can choose for their needs.

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