Diploma Framing, It Took Years to Achieve… Don’t Trust Anyone with Framing it

Once you acquire your diploma, what do you do with it?

Some of us store it away, while most of us proudly display it!

This is the part that can be baffling.  Where do you go? who do you trust?  Custom shops tend to be expensive and Big Box stores do not carry the greatest reputation.

So a good portion of us  purchase a frame from a college store.  After all if the school stands behind it, it must be great.  Right?  Not necessarily.  For one, the stores are owned or managed by conglomerates that only care about profit and nothing else.  That’s right,  These companies only concern is pushing as much product with the greatest profit potential.

If you examine these frames, you will see the quality is minimal, but the price offered is pretty high. Why?

It’s simple.  Before the frame is bought by you, it has three layers of profit on it.  The manufacturer, the reseller and the school!  So, you pay a high price for the frame in the end.

My concern is not to bad mouth the competition, but to educate the student on what the are actually getting.

Remember, the only way large companies get larger, is by decreasing costs or increasing profits………….or both!

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