Diploma Framing

100% Cotton rag matting and 99% UV glass

Framing a Diploma with 100% Museum Quality materials

As a specialist in providing Museum Grade frames to those in the field of preserving  art and artifacts, it baffles me how large outfits are able to pump out low quality frames at high prices.   When you really dissect the frames, you become shocked at the prices they charge for the quality offered.

One would also think that students and parents would want to preserve and protect their investment and hard work for years to come.  After all, if a student put a lot of sweat, time and effort in achieving that goal, why not search for a frame priced similarly with much better materials.

No matter what they advertise, the truth is all the frames are the same in quality.  Oh, the design may be slightly different, but same materials.

When picking a frame to protect your diploma, examine and compare quality and price.  In the end, you will see a difference.


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