Does Your Interior Designer Care About Your Art and Framing?

Over the years, I have been approached by Interior Designers about getting quotes for framing projects.  Though interior designers have great ideas with design, I ensure that the conservation of the art is maintained.  Not just for value, but aesthetics as well.  If the correct materials are not used, the art can lose its freshness and the appearance, such as colors, can show evidence of fading or discoloring.

True archival framing does not increase the cost of regular framing that much.  Of course, that all depends on the frame shop you visit.

Without the necessary protection, as history has shown, colors in art will tend to fade over time.  Of course, there are certain medium components, like lightfast, which are more gradual.  But, I have seen art prints, paintings, watercolors either fade or alter in appearance over time.

Designers, show the importance of your client by providing the best quality framing.  Negotiate with the frame shop as you are providing them a good amount of work.

So, designers or decorators, please show your clients you really care about their art and framing.  They will appreciate your service even more.

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