Excellent Gift for the American History Lover this Christmas Holiday Season

Museum Grade Set of Currency

One of the most popular items I offer is a complete set genuine notes from the colonial era.

Beautifully Framed Set of Genuine Paper Money from Thirteen Original Colonies

Beautifully Framed Set of Genuine Paper Money from Thirteen Original Colonies

One of the most impressive framing displays I assemble is a complete set of genuine currency from all 13 original colonies.  Each of the notes from the various states is authentically signed by a prominent colonist during the American Revolution.  These individual paper money notes were issued and printed by the colonies while facing British opposition and hostilities after the French and Indian War.

The colonies had to reimburse the British Crown for the colonial wars fought in the young land called America.  This, through taxes, like the Stamp Act of 1765, caused the eventual break away of the colonies to become the 13 United States.  And, to show their dedication to the cause, the colonists affixed their name to each note to prove their creditworthiness.

Nothing is more awe inspiring than to imagine what the colonies went through to gain their independence, than to glance at this set. This framed set would complement any office decor.  Great to hang in a study or library. How remarkable!

Call Rick at Museum Framing 703-299-0100 to inquire about a set in time for the Holidays. The price is between $2500 to $3500 (depending on condition of the currency)  for a Museum Quality framed set of all 13 notes, important engraving or scene, and an engraved brass plaque.  Rick can be reached at 703-299-0100

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