Frame Shops Should Never, Ever Drymount Artwork, Diplomas, Prints, etc.

As a conservation framer, my main concern is to preserve and protect artwork people bring to me for display and framing.  Thus, when asked to drymount art down to backing boards to make them appear flat and even, I cringe.

Why is that?

Because as art professionals, it is our duty to ensure things people give us are kept fresh and last for many years. Drymounting may make the art lie flat and smooth, but it also destroys the art by permanently adhering to a backing board.  It almost becomes part of the backing board.  Any future removal, for any reason, is nearly impossible to do.  And if so, at great expense to the art by damaging it.

Over the years I have had people want me to reframe or inspect art which has deteriorated through drymounting.  Discoloring and foxing are common signs of the harm from drymounting.  And people who would like such art removed from this process are slapped with the sad truth when witnessing the effects.

No matter the condition of your art, proper hinging and mounting is important to maintain a safe and long last enjoyment of your piece.

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