Framed set of Genuine Paper Money from the Original Thirteen Colonies

Paper Money from 13 Original Colonies


Museum Framing has just acquired 2 complete sets of Colonial Currency used by our Founding Fathers during the era of the American Revolution.
In the days leading up to and through the American Revolution, each of the Colonies printed their own currency. The British Parliament passed Currency acts, which regulated the paper money supply in the Colonies. Colonial currency had many purposes such as paying for public projects, roads, courthouses, even military expenditures. Each colonial note is signed by a prominent colonist during the time period. This set represents genuine paper money from all 13 original colonies leading up to the Declaration of Independence, until the end of the War. This set will be a wonderful display piece adorning that prominent space in your home or office providing both an entertainment and educational value to share with others.

Each note is 100% Museum Framed using only the finest archival quality materials and techniques to ensure preservation and long term enjoyment. This includes UF3 AR museum grade acrylic and each note is encapsulated in mylar for maximum protection.
Cost of each set is $3500 museum framed in a colonial style gold frame with 100% reversible materials.

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