Framing a Sports Jersey Correctly

Redskins Jersey

Example of a exposed template rag mat before trimming

Nothing is more enjoyable than proudly displaying a sports jersey of your favorite player, your child’s first game, or even one of your favorite team. When framed properly, it could be a show stopper that grabs people’s attention.

Unfortunately, I have seen and heard of some of the most ghastly methods many framers or sports memorabilia people use to quickly mount a jersey.  Over time, if a signed jersey, the signatures will either fade or smear (especially of the glass is pressed against it), or if mounted using poor methods, will sag or come undone.

The best method for framing is what we do at Museum Framing.  First, we create a template in its shape and slide it inside the jersey.  This gives it true stability and form when ready to mount onto the matting.  We then use an archival cotton thread to stitch the jersey to the backing.  If someone wants a fabric background, we create another template as a barrier.

Preparing to mount the Jersey onto the mat backing

Preparing to mount the Jersey onto the mat backing

Though most sports bars and restaurants do not care about the proper framing techniques, because such jerseys are usually not signed or inexpensive versions, collectors and enthusiasts take pride in knowing their jerseys are protected when framed.

Especially with signed jerseys, never have the glass or acrylic touching it.  This will cause bleeding or smearing of the ink over time through constant changes in the humidity and temperature in the environment where the item hangs.

Proper framing techniques are not expensive, but they do require the framer’s knowledge and attention to detail.

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