Framing your artwork, diploma or whatever is important to you enough to frame!

Expensive map that has been glued to backing

Framing is one of those things where you aren’t sure of the quality until it’s too late.  My experience has shown me that many items are framed using very harmful and acidic hinging materials, such as masking tape, scotch tape, even highly acidic brown corrugated board! As a matter of fact, I recently took apart some important artwork only to find materials that shocked me!

When framing artwork, sentimental items or valuable objects, it is very important to know your framer.  Why?  Because if you are willing to pay good money for protecting your items when framed, doesn’t it make sense to ensure you are seeking the right business that uses the proper methods and supplies?

After all, spend $100 for a complete steak/seafood dinner with drinks and sides and tell me your reaction would be negative if the food was not cooked properly or the drinks were stale!  Why, because you look for a great experience with a night on the town.  Framing is no different.  As a matter of fact, it’s more permanent because it’s more costly and it stays with you longer.

Abraham Lincoln ordering that a young child in military should be sent to his mother.

People get things framed for at least one of three reasons 1) Enhance or complement the item being framed, 2) Proudly display an important accomplishment, such as a college degree, 3) Create an attractive environment for the area where the framed item will be displayed  4) Preserve and protect what is being framed.

For inexpensive, common routine art, you really can go anywhere, as long the price is fair to you.  But, for more important artwork, sentimental or valuable items, AVOID Arts and Crafts chains AND general framing stores.  My experience, from speaking with customers and hiring outside employees, is that the employees are not knowledgeable nor aware of handing nor mounting such items.  What you may be with, may prove disastrous in the end.

In the end, framing should be used to preserve and protect the item, while being complementary in design to the artwork or the surroundings, and at a reasonable price. Whether it is a college diploma or the Mona Lisa.

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