Genuine Tru Vue Museum Glass at Great Prices!

As framers to some of the most important historical documents and artwork, we have found that museum glass is an amazing glazing material.  When used, it actually brings artwork to life!  Glare should not distract the viewing pleasure of framed artwork.  This why the popularity of Museum Glass.  Although there are many “knock offs” and cheaper imitations, nothing comes close to the high quality ingredients and reputation of Museum Glass.

Museum Glass is 99% UV filtering for maximum protection of your framed  art and is virtually reflection free.  Meaning very little glare due to the manufactured process used.

Museum Glass is manufactured in the Chicago area by Tru Vue. Tru Vue is renowned by museums, libraries and galleries for the quality of their products.

We just bought a large quantity of this glass because of a special price from our supplier.  Thus, we offer its application to your framing project(s) at a GREAT price.

Please contact us to find out more.  Call Rick 703-299-0100. Thank you!

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