Has the custom framing industry changed?

Being in the framing business for nearly 25 years, I can truly say the industry has changed.  Currently, it appears that framing shops compete for business, as ducks compete for bread when tossed in the water.

Today, many frame shops will do almost any trick to get that bone.  We have seen the sales: 10% off (z-z-z-z-z), upward of 50% or 60% off.  What is a customer to make of this?  Are these real sales?  Is it possible for a frame shop to really discount 50% or 60% and still generate a profit for the shop, given its expenses?

Then we have my favorite:  $200 worth of framing for $49, even $39.  Given my past discussions and blogs, I really don’t think I need to address this.  Frequently, I get a person in my shop who asks me to “match” a framing job they bought from a Groupon or Living Social deal.  I have yet to see one deal that was worth the price.  I am honest with these people and like a deal myself like everyone else.  The problem is as we all know: There is no such thing as a free lunch in the framing business.

Framers should realize there is really enough business to go around without resorting to false claims and gimmicks.  The problem is that as long as you have people falling for the gimmicks, there will always be carnival showmen dolling out the lines.

There are many good shops out there, the problem is finding them and supporting the good, not the bad or the ugly.

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