History and Politics Come Alive with Historical Documents

Nothing is more satisfying than owning an autographed letter of George Washington or John Hancock discussing an event in the American Revolution.  How exciting and breathtaking is it to hold such a letter in your hands.  The exact same letter that these men wrote and looked at with their very own eyes.

This is one field where the many dimensions of life come together.  Rather than coins, stamps or any other field where the items dont have any real personality, historical autographs actually convey a real story,  There is a unique purpose why that letter was written.  Was the purpose to state a military strategy?  Or a political event?

With documents, even routine events have unique stories.  A ship’s passport allows a large ship carrying men, weapons or commodities to travel a safe voyage across the sea.  A military appointment states that a man (or woman) has been promoted through the ranks due to a great feat at battle or due to fulfilling the previous rank successfully. And letters. These can go from the routine dinner invitation or autograph request to something as amazing as the 13 Amendment, which abolished slavery signed by Abraham Lincoln and his cabinet and Congress.

One thing for certain about these pieces of history, sometimes, even with a lot of money, finding that important well known person or letter with excellent content can be very challenging.  In most collecting fields, if you have money, you can buy virtually anything.  Not so with autographs.  Letters and documents are only as plentiful as the author of that piece has signed.  George Washington may be easier to find than William Henry Harrison, who had pneumonia and died within a month of taking office.

No matter the reason, these manuscripts provide a glimpse into the history of our country.  Just reflect on the events of the day, what the author was facing when the letter was written.  Wow, these documents do come alive.  And they will tell you if you just read what they have to say.

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