Honor our Vets this Memorial Day by Giving them the treatment they deserve at the VA Hospitals

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

This country was founded on the principles that those who fought and defended our Freedom deserve the absolute best care in return for serving.  Nothing is more heartbreaking than the substandard care these Veterans get from the VA Hospitals.

As one who has had many relatives fight in wars, one who was held for 8 1/2 years as a POW in Vietnam, it grieves me that instead of acting swiftly to rectify the problems, our politicians are politicizing the event to their political gain.

No civilized country would allow those who stood for Freedom in its Defense would allow such a political spectacle to occur, especially this long.  One more Veteran dying is one too many.

It is one thing for to die for your country.  It is another thing to die FROM your country.

Please Washington.  Give our Vets the treatment and care they so desperately need.

Honor our Veterans this Memorial Day by standing up for them with the love and strength they have endured during their life.

God Bless our Veterans and may He restore their health!

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