How Museum Framing is able to keep our Prices Fair and Quality Strong

Over the course of my business, my clients have inquired how I am able to keep my framing prices very reasonable, especially given the quality of the work we perform for them.  As founder and an active owner of the business since 1989, the answers are direct and simple:

1) First, as a collector and specialist of historical art, it has always been my personal goal to share the same quality of materials and workmanship on other people’s work so their items are preserved.  No matter of it is a college diploma or a rare letter written by our Founding Fathers, I take pride in ensuring the the highest level of quality with design in mind.

2) Since Museum Framing only does archival quality framing, we buy large quantities of  museum quality materials, giving us….and you….a break in pricing.

3) Likewise, our framing staff is experienced in only doing framing where preservation is important, so they know the steps and materials to use on a constant basis.

4) Overhead!  Yup.  Even though my studio is in old town, Alexandria, I struck a great deal years ago when I relocated there. Pus it is essentially a work room located in an office building.  No fancy or inefficient gallery with high rent.  With low fixed overhead, I don’t have to play games with your money or framing to cover my costs.

4) Finally, as owner of Museum Framing, it is my utmost concern that you are given the best service and product for your money.  I will spend the time and share my nearly 25 years experience working to ensure you get the framing look and quality you desire.  No exceptions and no excuses.

Other than my framers, it is only me.  No seasonal or short term help here.  Personal service is a key to my success with your happiness……in framing, that is!

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