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Museum Grade Framed Autographs

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella signed these rare letters


In these uncertain economic times, when oil and stocks are facing shaky times, and you don’t know where to put your money, what do you do?  Put your money in something more challenging and educational!

An excellent example is historical autographs and documents.  Historical autographs, unlike their more contemporary counterparts,  specifically sports and entertainment pieces, have more advantages.  For one, sports and entertainment autographs are heavily forged and invite fraud.  2) Speaking of fakes, how do you know Elvis Presley signed that napkin?  3) How rewarding is it to collect autographs that really aren’t that old?

With historical autographs, a document or researched letter is much harder to forge than a signature on a photograph, especially when it’s an illegible, ever changing signature.  Plus, how rewarding is it to have a Paul Revere note from the American Revolution when he manned the garrison in  Boston, or a document signed by George Washington commission someone from the War when he was President.

Proper framing techniques

George Washington signed document appointing someone while as President.

Unlike coins which constantly hit the market, with historical letters and political documents, you may have the money to buy, but do you have the patience to wait for an important piece or the knowledge to find collections that haven’t seen the light of day in years?  With coins and other collectibles, the same material re circulates in the marketplace almost daily.  With manuscripts, when a prized piece is offered, a museum, library or advanced collector will scarf it up.  Either not to be offered for many years, or ever again.

Lastly, when you hold that document written during the French and Indian War, gaze at the piece.  Think about who wrote that piece.  What was going on in his or her mind?  What situations was that person (or people) facing during that time?  What was that person wearing? And, the hands that have touched that piece who wrote on it.  Even people that have touched it over the years.

Whether the financial markets go up or down based on news of the day, historical autographs are a constant pleasure.  Plus, they make great items for display and great conversational pieces.

Yes.  Historical autographs offer a challenging and rewarding insight into our past and behaviors.  Few things can say that.


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