Incredible Collection of Rare Historical Documents and Autographs

Museum Grade Framed Autographs

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella signed these rare letters

A long time collector of historical autographs and documents has decided to sell his collection after building it up for many years.  The collection spans from the 15th Century to the American Revolution through the Civil War and includes many rare and desirable autographs and letters.  The collection includes documents and letters signed by King Henry VIII with military content, a rare William Penn document signed while in America, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other rare figures of American history.

A Rare King Henry VIII letter with military content

A Rare King Henry VIII letter with military content

Included are rare signers of the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution.  People like Thomas Nelson, Jr., George Wythe and Benjamin Harrison.  There is even a document signed John Hancock and Sam Adams, on one document.  Important people involved in early American history like Simon Bradstreet and Edmund Andros are included.  America in conflict with the British in the American Revolution include Anthony Wayne, Nathanael Greene and Peyton Randolph.  Even the infamous Benedict Arnold has a place in this collection.


Feel Free to call Rick Badwey for more information.  703-299-0100.

This rare document was signed by King Henry VIII while in America

Rare document was signed by William Penn while in America

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