Museum Framing announces a new venture called Frameabilia!

Museum Grade Set of Currency

One of the most popular items is a complete set genuine paper money from the 13 original colonies.  All currency is fully genuine and hand signed by important colonial figures.

Rick Badwey received his start in the framing industry when he framed his historical document and antique artifact collection in 1989.  When he couldn’t find a suitable framer offering true museum quality framing at a reasonable price, he started his own archival framing business.  This allowed him to sell antique collectibles knowing the framing was protecting their condition and value.

The name of the business was originally Showcase Portfolios, and in 2006, the name changed to Museum Framing to signify the quality and level of framing that Rick concentrated in.  Additionally, the name was fitting considering many of his clients were museums, libraries and institutions. Collectors and dealers became an active part of his business when he set up at collector and historical shows.

Archival Framing

Presidential document signed by President Abraham Lincoln a couple years before his assassination

Given that the industry and collecting field was heading toward an online presence and that more and more people are making their computer or smartphone their mini mall, Rick decided to broaden his customer base by having an online presence.  This would allow him to allow potential customers to peruse his inventory for art and artifacts that are interesting to his clients.

Thus, Rick registered the domain name, on July 31, 2017.  It is this business where Rick offers his framing experience with his knowledge in historical documents, autographs, ancient coins and other collectibles in beautiful, protective displays.


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