Museum Framing Announces a new venture called Gorilla Frames


Why a New Venture

After nearly 30 years of specializing in preservation framing rare and valuable artwork and manuscripts, Rick Badwey felt it was the time to introduce similar frames in an eCommerce business to the public.  With the widespread marketing of frames with sub par materials and craftsmanship at high prices, Rick believed the public should embrace the idea that frames can be purchased online with the highest quality materials at reasonable prices.  And these frames will protect and preserve your diploma, artwork and other displayable item for many years.

Aren’t the Frames offered through colleges and other websites museum quality?

This is a fallacy that is played over and over again.  Many art, frame and diploma frame websites use popular terms in the conservation framing industry to give you the belief that their frames are made of superior materials and workmanship.  They also lead the website reader to believe that the materials they use are of the highest quality on the market.  They even go as far to say their frames meet the framing standards of the Library of Congress.  These claims are very misleading.

There are certain materials that are required to be accepted by conservationists and museum professionals to be labeled true conservation quality, likewise to meet or exceed those set forth by the Library of Congress.  These include 99% UV glazing, 100% cotton rag matting and backing, and final archival backing.  Unless a frame company specifically states these materials are used, no conservation or preservation claim should be made.

Gorilla Frames, on the other hand, only offers these materials to ensure the longevity preservation of your artwork, diploma or other item you wish to display.   Rick and Guillermo studied and practiced this philosophy when they began Gorilla Frames.

What about Specials and other Price Grabbing Attention

Many businesses mark up existing prices from their standard pricing.  Then they mark them down to give people the belief that they are getting discounted pricing.  This tactic has landed one large arts and crafts company in hot water with the Attorney General of New York.  Although some people have learned this dishonest tactic has lost the company credibility, many people not aware of the games played fall for this nonsense.

An online poster and frame business runs continuous sale promotions with pricing.  A new online framing business runs similar discounting nonstop.  If companies keep running these types of pricing games, then one has to wonder “Where is the retail price?”

Don’t get me wrong, there are reasons for legitimate discounting. 1)  Retiring a product line and discounting it to make room for the new product. 2) Discounting provided from the original supplier to promote their product line, or unfortunately, closing business.

Gorilla Frames, on the other hand, will never play the price game.  We refuse to mark up then mark down a price to increase the perception of discounting.  We believe if you are honest with people and give them fair, truthful prices, they will support your business and come back over and over again.  Your customers will even spread the word and tell their friends, family and coworkers.

We know we have Stiff Competition

With the tremendous amount of competition vying for you framing dollar, Gorilla Frames knows we have to show you the proof of our existence.  We have the highest quality product geared to preserving and protecting your diploma, artwork and other important works of art on paper.  There are many framing products when temporary is only necessary.  A college dorm room or a not so important certificate may be something you are only concerned with short term display.

But, when you have that college diploma you worked hard to earn. Now that deserves a frame to protect it.  When you purchased that important piece of art on your travels, and you don’t want the colors to fade, our frame will surely protect  your investment.  Being in the conservation framing business for many years has taught us what is needed and what people want when it comes to offering the finest quality needed for preservation framing.

Our Purpose for Being Here

Gorilla Frames reason started with a art collector’s instinct that anything on display should be protected from light, acids and other impurities that constantly hit the works on paper.  This includes not only environmental factors, but also damaging materials used in frames.  Our co-founder, Rick Badwey, realized such harmful effects when he had historical documents framed as a collector.  Some of the writing and signatures faded over time.   He also noticed the framers used materials and supplies that left stains on the documents.

These unfortunate situations led to the founding of Museum Framing. For the next 25 years, Rick and Museum Framing served Museums, Libraries, Galleries, Businesses and the Public with world class framing quality dedicated to protecting their artwork and documents, for example, college diplomas.  Rick built a loyal following of clients during his years with Museum Framing.

Rick then teamed up with Guillermo Gomez, an engineer and


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