Museum Framing stocks ONLY 100% Museum Quality framing materials

Unlike most framing establishments and Arts and Crafts big box stores, Museum Framing only stocks 100% museum quality framing materials.

We only the highest quality 99% UV filtering glass and acrylic.

We only stock 100% Museum Grade cotton rag matting.

We do NOT carry “acid free” mats because these mats are made of WOOD PULP and will discolor your artwork in short term.

We do NOT carry ANY type of foam core products as these will surely damage your artwork as these material OUT GAS and cause harmful pollutants to penetrate your personal framed items. Even “acid free” foam core has shown negative effects on art. We ONLY carry 100% Museum Grade archival backing materials.

For 25 years, we have framed important works of art for museums, dealers and collectors. It was this clientele who required only the finest materials and techniques to protect their fine art and manuscripts for many years.

In recent years, we have reached out to the framing public in offering the same high quality, but at wholesale prices. It was this philosophy that has kept us going this long. And without the use of gimmicks or false promotions.

Whether you have a historical document, sports jersey, diploma, or art print, we ONLY use the best quality materials on the market and give you the best price.

Start the New Year off with knowing the truth of GENUINE 100% Museum Grade framing at TRUE HONEST wholesale prices. GUARANTEED!

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