Museum Framing TRULY Supports the Military!

Framed Military awards and plaque

Framed Military awards and plaque

Located in Alexandria, Virginia (outside Washington, D.C.) with  close proximity to several military bases, the Pentagon and other military facilities, Museum Framing has built a strong client base with the military. We take all framing we do seriously and are proud to give our military the best we can deliver, because they in turn give us their best.

From my wife’s family who have served in the American Revolution and Civil War to my family who have proudly served in World War II, The Vietnam War and the current wars.  As a matter of fact, my uncle, has served honorably as the longest held POW in North Vietnam for 8 1/2 years.  It is through these family stories that I have grown a deep admiration to those in uniform.

Few things move me more than the stories men and women tell me from their time serving overseas.  They leave their families and friends behind, so we can be with ours!  How much more can one give?!   In some cases, I have had men and women tell me how they have missed a spouse’s hospital emergency, family funerals, children’s birthdays, etc.   Talk about sacrifice!!!

As owner of Museum Framing, I give my absolute best prices to those who have served and currently serving.  As a very small business owner, I have the freedom most others don’t have in other countries.  This is due to the protection my family and many others in the USA receive form the sacrifices of the military.  For this debt of gratitude, I will always do my best for them.

I contribute what I am able to in support of the military veterans who have given and received so little.

We as Americans take our fine soldiers and military personnel for granted, and we should not.   This is why I believe we need to care for those who have served: Past, Present and Future!

Those who know me, know that I have framed some amazing historical and rare artifacts through the years, and some with amazing stories or pedigrees.  But, nothing compares to the wonderful items I frame for our wonderful military heroes.  To me, it means, these people put their lives and dreams on the line to protect us from evil.

As Toby Keith sings in Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue: When we see Old Glory Flying, There’s a lot of men dead, So we can sleep in peace at night, When we lay down our head.

God Bless the Military and their Families they leave behind while we selfishly lead our lives!

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