Museum Framing will Frame Your Art and Personal Memorabilia in Time for the Holidays

Museum Grade Framed Autographs

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella signed these rare letters

When it comes time to frame your diplomas, art or anything else in time for Christmas, Hanukkah or any other holiday, count on Rick and his staff at Museum Framing to get the job done correctly, beautifully and reasonably. Rick knows there is a lot of competition for your business.  He also knows that frame shops will do almost anything to get you in the door.  At any cost…..or expense.

With Museum Framing, Rick will dedicate his 25+ years of experience in the conservation framing field to ensure you get what you want.  His prices are very reasonable.  Since only Rick deals with his clients, he has spent so much time calculating framing costs, that he does not have to rely on a computer to generate the final cost.  Yes, the kind of invoice that has so many figures and line items written down, that you fear looking at the bottom of the page.  You know that feeling!

Rick is very personable and experienced when working with people.  He finds out what they like or want, then goes from there.  He will work with you from design to colors to pricing to get the fit you like.  No games, no bait and switch, not cheap, ugly frames that framers use to meet a guaranteed price.  No, just honest dealing with people who have other things to worry about than a bad framing experience.

Since Rick lives a few blocks away from his studio, he is flexible with time.  Also, since calls are forwarded to his cell phone, Rick is available early morning or late evening.  You deal with Rick. Not seasonal help or newly hired employees who are learning what to sell, but someone with experience, knowledge and years of work in a niche area of framing for museums, galleries, institutions and even, the public.

Call Rick and see what he can do for you.

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