People’s needs in framing may be different, but their treatment should be the same

Since our founding in 1989, Museum Framing has developed a following of collectors, museums and dealers in properly preserving, protecting and displaying their important documents, artwork and artifacts. Being a collector myself, I am always concerned that the item framed, being a simple college diploma or a rare antique manuscript gets the same treatment. One should not discount the quality based on value. Why? because we each value things differently. The time one spent achieving a degree cannot be considered less important than a rare George Washington letter. Both are important in their own right.

People frame for a variety of reasons and, if they take the time and expense to get the item framed, it must be important to that person. We never treat people or their items differently. Just like I would not want a jeweler to treat me differently for buying a Timex watch versus someone else buying a Rolex watch.

Likewise, a repeat customer should not be treated better than a first timer. After all, didn’t that repeat customer start off as a first timer?

Museum Framing treats all framing customers with the same respect, service and attention PERIOD! We treat others the way we want to be treated. I, Rick Badwey, have done my best to go out of my way to understand people’s needs and have done my best to go above and beyond. This includes being here late at night for people not wanting to deal with rush hour traffic, which in Washington feels like 24 hours a day.

Know that Museum Framing will treat you with the best possible care in virtually all facets of your framing needs. We also have other prime resources that if we cannot help you, i.e. restoration, etc., we know some well versed and skilled who can help you.

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