Picture Framing Needs to be about Presentation AND Preservation

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Textile items need to be preserved due to their fragility


When people get their art, diploma or jersey framed, they want it to look nice.  Obviously, this is a given.  But, a concern should also be: Will it look good several years down the road?There are specific materials and techniques that need to be employed in the framing of artwork for their maximum preservation and enjoyment. As I have mentioned before, “acid free” materials fall short of what we expect.  The reason?

Standards applied in the framing industry are minimal, at best.  Notice how the government’s standards in industries, such as food, automotive, etc.  tend to fall short of our expectations?  The same is true of the framing industry.  A large number of frame shops believe these standards as being superior and relay that information to the customer. And, in most cases, the consumer will not realize the effects until later down the road.

People occasionally bring me recently framed art, which shows some form of fading or discoloring.  Should this be expected?  Of course not!

Document previously framed with "acid free'" matting

Document previously framed with “acid free'” matting

Framing should involve very little deterioration, unless the environment (where the art is displayed) involves bright lighting, very humid conditions, or extreme temperature changes.. But, even high quality materials can minimize certain ill effects.

It is important to ask the framer, in detail, the types of materials and techniques being used on the item, if he or she is familiar with them.

Then, once all that is in place, the design part should fall into place!

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