Please Use Care When Framing Your Works of Art

Deceptive matting

This print was glued onto foamcore and couldn’t be removed.

Poor mounting

Over time, foamcore, both regular and “acid free” will outgass and affect the paper and colors of the print.

The mat is stuck to the print and can't be removed.

The mat is stuck to the print and can’t be removed.

Don't use foamcore

The framer glued the mat to the print. Then glued everything to the acidic foamcore.





















Last week, a customer came to me with a print she framed before she met me.  She wanted a new mat in place of the existing mat for a color change.  No problem.

As I took apart the framing, I noticed a light fog on the inside of the glass in the shape of the mat pressed against the glass.  Uh oh!

Then, as I tried to remove the mat from the print, I noticed it was firmly glued on the foamcore backing AND the print.  I can’t believe it.  And, this is a framing store with several locations in the Northern Virginia area that purports to do conservation framing.  They advertise they use “acid free” materials and UV filtered glass.  My customer and I saw otherwise.  Obviously, you go to a professional frame shop to protect the art and items you cherish and want to keep for a long time.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER drymount or adhere your art to the backing board.

Take care of your art and other display items.  Remember, these items are taking precious space from your walls and seen by people that come into your home or office.

Know your framing.  If not, know your framer.

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