Preserve those Cherished Family Memories through Proper Framing or Storage

In this age of digital photography, many of us do not think of preserving and protecting past family events caught on photography.  Today, we snap photos of family, friends and events and either leave them on a card or print them from the computer.

But, let’s discuss, for a moment, our old family photos.  You know the ones that you have in a shoebox or antiquated photo album that has yellowed over time.  These are irreplaceable because there is no disk or card to replenish the stock of family photos damaged over time.   The common question I am faced with is:  “Can these be restored or produced in a quantity to pass out to others?”

The answer is yes.  For this, I recommend a few actions. 1) Restore important photos, either the originals or Photoshop to “improve” the reproductions.  Carefully choose a reputable lab so your images are not jeopardized or lost by an incompetent studio.  2) Store photographs on a card or disk that you can secure in a safe place for future print outs.  This is critical because we have all seen to often natural disasters wipe away our family histories on paper in no time.

Even with the current popularity of photographing anything and everything, please store your favorite images on disks to store in safe places.  As a matter of fact, make 2 or 3 disks to store in a few different places to cover yourself if a disaster strikes.

Lastly, purchase archival supplies, albums and sleeves to preserve those memories.  There are several conservation supply houses that deal in materials supplied to museums, libraries and even the public.

Take care of these tasks early so you do not regret it later when a tragedy strikes.

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