Proper Framing of Historical Paper Items

Museum Framing

Antique paper should be properly framed to preserve them for many years

As a collector of historical documents, maps and other rare paper items, it is important that such items are mounted and framed properly to preserve them for many years.  Otherwise, deterioration will occur and cause the paper to tone or discolor, inks to fade, colors to change, among other things.

When framing antique paper documents, autographs or other important manuscripts, keep in mind that all materials that enter the framing process must be inert and truly archival in nature.  For example, cotton rag matting is made of cotton cellulose material and the best protector to preserve your art.

The so called acid free mat boards we keep hearing about from many frame shops and, especially, the big box arts and crafts stores, are inherently highly acid in their original state.  Then chemicals are applied to the mat boards to make them neutral in pH, or “acid free”.

The problem is simple. Do you want chemicals touching your artwork, antique map or autographs?  Heck, do you even want these matboards touching your diploma?  Yes, ALL of the diploma frames sold by college bookstores contain mat boards which have these harmful chemicals.

What would be the result of these mat boards touching your artwork?  Over time, a darkish line and staining will form around the perimeter of your art where the mat board was placed.

This is framing none of us need.

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