Time to Frame that Hard Earned Diploma with Museum Quality Materials that will make it Last!




100% Cotton rag matting and 99% UV glass

Framing a Diploma with 100% Museum Quality materials

Now, it is time to make sure you frame it properly.  Not with those off the shelf cheap frames that colleges and universities pedal to their students and their parents.  Yes, the kind that is equal in quality to those at the big box stores at ten times the price.

Oh, yes, right, it does include that paper foil stamp with your college’s name on it.  But, doesn’t your diploma have your school’s name on it?

Make sure your diploma is framed in the following way with NO EXCEPTIONS, unless you want to reframe it later down the road when your diploma starts fading or showing mat burns.

100% Museum Grade cotton RAG matting.  This is important as the matting is what comes in contact with your diploma.  And make sure the matting is Genuine Cotton Rag, and not a knock off to give it a look.  Many mat board companies are producing mat boards with the bright white core or same color core as the top color to give the appearance of cotton rag at a much cheaper cost to the framer.

This does nothing except allow the frame shop to increase his/her markup while giving you junk matting.  Same junk that colleges sell in their bookshop.


Diploma Framing

Diploma with a “mat burn” from acidic wood pulp mat boards used by college stores and many framing establishments

Make sure the back of your diploma has a double layer backing, the first also being cotton rag and the outer being archival grade coroplast or cotton corrugated (not brown corrugated!!)

The framer must also use UV filtering glass or acrylic.  If glass, it must be a brand like Tru Vue.  Many knock off brands have a lower UV filtering rating.  This increases the chance for fading and also gives your framer a higher margin of profit.  Nothing wrong with profit, but the material is substandard.

You worked hard for your diploma. Frame it wisely for long term appreciation!

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