Use skepticism when watching those framing “how to” videos on Youtube

Just today while perusing the web, I came across a “how to” video by a prominent site dedicated with showing people “how to do”,  “how to fix” etc.  You all know those sites.  One kind of wonders where some of these people get their information.

One segment showed hot to hinge art to the mat.  To be perfectly blunt, it was HORRIBLE!!

First, the framer used packaging/surgical 2″ tape to hinge the artwork.  This is 100% wrong! wrong! wrong!  This all too common practice in the framing industry is one good way to damage your art.  First, these tapes have a certain amount of acids in them.  Second, the tack of these tapes is so strong that it is virtually impossible to remove them without damage to your art!  and Third, she attached the taped artwork to the top mat.  This is also incorrect as the art should be attached to the backing mat.

This is another example of an industry run amok with incorrect and damaging framing philosophies.  All too often, I continue to see people’s personal art and artifacts get ruined by novice framing techniques.  True archival framing is proven to be the safest way to frame one’s art.

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