What your College Bookstores Don’t Want You to Know

Diploma Frame

Diploma Framing using 100% Museum Quality materials sold by Museum Framing

It’s the big day for you. You finished all of your college and university requirements.  Now, its time!

Once you attend graduation ceremonies, you get your diploma (or look alike), you head to the college store. Wait!  You see a diploma frame for sale.  You say to yourself: “What a great thing to show off my new achievement!”  Then you realize.  “This is a pretty expensive frame!”

The truth is that this one item is probably one of the most overpriced items in the university store.  Without the name and logo of the university, the frame is comparable in quality to what is available at any big box store, like Walmart.  But, at a fraction of the price.

No matter what their marketing literature states, none of the elements of these frames come close to conservation standards of framing.

Diploma Framing

Stain from wood pulp mat boards sold by college stores

You see. The frame that the stores offer is made of basic commercial materials.  In other words, the glass has little or no UV filtering characteristics.  The matting is made of milled wood pulp which is NOT “acid free”. And, the backing is cheap pressed board.

Over time, your diploma will show some mat staining due to the acids from the mat board bleeding into the diploma due to the effects of the lighting, heat and humidity fluctuations in our environment. Only mat boards made of cotton cellulose, which is naturally acid free and lignin free, will limit these effects to your diploma.

These college book stores are either leased or owned by huge corporations such as Barnes & Noble and Follett Corporation.  They make HUGE profits on two conditions:  Costs to produce are low and Prices to sell are high! So, they make arrangements with mass produced framing companies who import virtually all their materials from the far east (the low wages, low conditions plants).

Then after all these fat cats get their hand in the pot, you are left with the crumbs.   High prices, low quality!

Museum Framing believes you worked hard and deserve better!

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