When obtaining custom framing quotes, compare apples to apples

Archivally Framed

Family Crest carefully framed using 100% Museum Grade materials

About a couple months ago, a guy came into my studio for a quote for framing an art print.  Based on the size, I quoted about $200.  This included my normal 99% UV filtering glass, 100% Museum Grade cotton rag matting and the double archival backing.  The frame he picked was a nice solid wood walnut frame from Larson Juhl, the largest supplier to the picture framing trade.  He thanked me and left with the artwork.

When I returned from Christmas vacation, I received a call from a man asking me for an opinion on a frame to check the condition of the artwork and framing.  Figuring it was an old framing job done many years ago, I said that I would be happy to give you my opinion.

He came in and brought the framed art for my inspection.  I noticed upon initial inspection that it appeared to be a recent job, from the dust cover paper on the back. I did not say anything.  Just started removing the backing.

When all the pieces were removed, I noticed the backing was foamcore (problem, especially since he mentioned the piece was sentimental).  Alas, I noticed the art was taped onto the foam core, no reversible mounts, no extra buffered protection. Finally, the glass was not museum quality UV filtered, but regular glass.

At that point, realizing it was a very recent job, he mentioned he called me around Christmas time and asked me for a quote for a framing job.  When he called around, he used my price.   A shop not too far from me offered to beat my price $25.

Framing an item, like the family crest pictured above, only takes a little more time, effort and material costs to do it properly.  Short cuts, on the other hand, can have a negative effect on the item being framed.

I mentioned many times before and will continue to mention:  Framing is one of those things where most of the quality is in the inside!


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