Why Autographs Make Excellent Gifts

Museum Framed

Historical letter museum framed signed by William Smallwood, a General frmo the American Revolution.

Nothing is more personal than a document or letter with the autograph of one’s famous historical or political hero. Most people don’t realize that well known historical leaders, such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln can be had for not as much as one would expect.

Imagine owning a document signed by John Hancock during the time he signed the Declaration of Independence or Susan B. Anthony during her fight for women’s suffrage.  It is truly spectacular and a great feeling to touch the same document that George Washington read, wrote and affixed his name. Wow!  Our nation’s history or events of the world are easily obtainable for us to enjoy, purchase and own. For hundreds of years, leaders and other important historical people have sent autographs to collectors and fans seeking them.

Archivally Framed

A letter handwritten and signed by King George III

The other great advantage autographs have is their displayability.  Take a letter or document bearing their signature, with a portrait or photo, and a nice engraved plaque, and you have a great piece of artwork hanging on your wall.  Make sure that the autograph is properly framed with 99% UV glass and 100% cotton rag material to protect it for many years.  As a curator of your own museum, it should be your mission to preserve these fragile pieces of history for many years of enjoyment.  Plus, protect your investment for the next generation.

My advice to a new collector or autograph buyer is 1) Dont buy clipped signatures or fragments with autographs written on them.  These are notoriously forged and present problems later on. 2)  Rely on the expertise of a long time dealer or collector. Nothing like shelling out money for overpriced or worthless material.  3) And make sure to use the proper supplies to house your collection if not being framed.

Be careful about collecting historical documents…..It is very addicting and provides hours upon hours of incredible enjoyment….and can be rewarding, too!


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