Why Buying a Diploma Frame from the College or University is a Racket

Acid free mat residue

Typical mat stain when a wood pulp based mat is used in diploma frames


You have heard of credit card scams…Banking scams…Even scams from robocalls.  But, have you heard of diploma frame scams?

Diploma frame scams can be found at your nearest college or university college store.  Why are they referred as scams?  Because colleges and universities charge a boat load of money for a minimal quality frame.  Regardless of what the advertising literature says or the display placard states, these frames have regular glass (non UV filtering), regular acidic wood pulp matting and cardboard backing.  And,  the frame is held in place with regular flexi points.

You can literally buy the exact same quality frame at a super big box store for a fraction of the cost.  The only difference is the college store frames have the college name stamped on the matting.

That’s important in case your diploma doesn’t state the name of the school or university on it (sarcasm).

These frames are not made by the school or even endorsed as being a quality frame compared to others available.  They happen to give the college or school a kickback through one of the major suppliers who promotes these frames. The problem is that with the hands of the college, frame manufacturer and school supplier distributor in the hands of students or their parents, it’s no wonder these frames are way overpriced.

At my business, Museum Framing, we frame people’s diplomas with full 100% museum grade framing materials and techniques for less then the average bookstore.  We only use Tru Vue 99% conservation grade glass,  100% cotton rag (NOT wood pulp) matting and double archival backing and archival dust cover – Exceeding the standards set forth from the Library of Congress.  And, we mount the diploma for you.

When people get excited at graduation, they like to take tokens of their accomplishments.   But, don’t purchase a frame which will eventually deteriorate your diploma.

You worked too hard to achieve that diploma.  Take care of it.

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