Why it is important to use True Museum Quality Materials in Custom Framing

Being in the business for almost 25 years, I still hear people’s perspective on framing artwork or any other item was a) either not necessary or b) automatically came with framing.  Unfortunately, I need many hands to count the number of times individuals came to me with problems they discovered within the frame they had done by shops not educating them or honestly fulfilling their promises.

Framing should not only complement the art or environment surrounding the artwork, but also protect and preserve that item for years of enjoyment.  After all, who would want a photograph or document to fade over time in the frame?  Not only would it look worn and dated, but also diminish the value. True, museum framing techniques were not understood or available many years ago, but  today, we have plenty of resources available to framers at their disposal.  Plus, the costs are not as great as people think.

The owner of Museum Framing founded the business because the availability of custom framers with the knowledge or care was slim, and those with knowledge and the care marked up their costs too high, keeping the affordability of museum quality framing out of the reach or desire of most of the public.  I cannot emphasis how important it is to properly frame your item.  After all, it is pretty much on public display.

In closing, I must say that it only makes sense that if it really was not that important to the consumer, then why frame it?  Certainly museum quality framing is worth the research.  ANd it really should not cost a lot of money. Contrary to public opinion.

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