With Summer Here, Make Sure Your Art is Protected, Especially if You take Extended Vacations

This time of year, the last thing on our mind is protecting our art.  We think about vacations, more time with friends and family and even taking care of our pets, but we spend little time thinking about our artwork.

Why is this important?  With temperatures hovering around the 90 to 100+ degree mark, with the constant humidity we feel, and with longer periods of light during the day, our items really can take a beating.

Even with the best archival materials in place (this is another topic for discussion later!), and the high quality UV glass (don’t know if you have that?  hmmmm), it is still important to protect your artwork from adverse conditions.

Why?  Because everyday our items are exposed to these factors, fading, warping and even deterioration come into play.

What can you do?

First, on items that mean a lot to you, take them to well reputed framing establishment and have them inspect the interior of the framing job for quality.  If the materials are NOT archivally sound, then even in the best of conditions, your artwork will still be effected.

Second, keep your art away from vents, direct exposure of sunlight and even rooms with certain amounts of humidity, like attics, upper floors and basements.  Humidity should be a constant 50% to 65%. If it’s comfortable for you, it should be comfortable for your art.  Moisture should be at a minimum.

Third, Light can show effects of severe fading if constantly hitting your art.  Move art out of direct exposure or keep the blinds down to minimum to prevent constant hitting of light to your art.

Finally, make sure the heat in your home is not too high, especially through long periods of travel.  This can create warpage of your frame moulding and even the introduction of insects, moths, etc. This needs no explanation.

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