Yes, we frame diplomas

A few weeks back, a friend of mine came into town and wanted to hook up for dinner. After spending over 20 years framing historical documents and rare art, he wondered why I opened my market to framing diplomas. Not an unusual question, but certainly one I needed to answer. After all, my friend was a collector of rare antique manuscripts and maps and enjoyed the framing I did on his unique items.

My answer was direct and truthful. First, I said, diplomas are just as important to people who spend thousands of dollars achieveing that goal as it is a collector acquiring an expensive find. Second, it amazed me that people would drop a couple hundred dollars on a cheap diploma frame at their school without knowing anything about the quality. And third, given the second reason, there is a market for me to venture into that territory by offering my services to the diploma crowd.

Just as in the first date, I want people to get to me and my quality before they commit to anything further. It may sound strange, but if you think about it, it is not. A diploma, though important in concept, is physically a sheet of paper that does not require much in the way of preserving and presenting it. However, from listening to customers visiting my studio, this is not the case. Be it the workmanship or price, it seems something as simple as a diploma is hard for some framers to get right.

Of course, being a collector of early Americana, a letter signed by George Washington excites me more than a college diploma. But, to the former student, a diploma probably cost alot to acquire, both in dollars ad effort, thus, being important to frame properly.

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