You deserve the finest quality framing with no hassles, true wholesale prices AND no gimmicks!

As most of you are aware, getting your personal artwork and items framed contains challenges!

Am I getting true, honest pricing without the gimmicks or false mark downs?

Am I getting the quality my items deserve? After all, if I did not think they were worth framing, I would buy a cheap frame at a big box store, or even not frame it.

Does the salesperson understand what my artwork needs? After all, this will be hanging on MY walls, not his or hers.

Please know, that I, Rick Badwey, will take the best of care with you and your artwork. Being in business for almost 25 years has taught me what people expect in service, prices and quality.

At my frame shop, you will appreciate the materials I use on your personal items. The same materials I use on rare and important documents, prints and textiles for museums, collectors and galleries.

You will also get my absolute best prices. And with no fake markdowns or social media BS games! Today, I just had someone on the phone look forward to coming in tomorrow because her friend informed her that working with me was was very painless!

I will not support businesses that take advantage of my hard earned dollars………neither should you!

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