You Worked Hard For Your Diploma. Frame It Well.

100% Cotton rag matting and 99% UV glass

Framing a Diploma with 100% Museum Quality materials


Young people spend years achieving their diploma through hard work and study.  In addition to the time spent, many and/or their parents invest a lot of of money assuring a good education and the end result from finishing and graduating with a degree… and a diploma.

With so many businesses offering to frame your diploma or selling you frames through your college or university, it is important that you know the types of materials that go into the frame.  The reason is some of the materials used in a college or university frame can eventually damage your diploma.

For one, the matting of these diploma frames are made from wood pulp which has been treated with a buffer.  This means that the mat boards are made from acidic wood pulp, and chemically treated to neutralize the acids.  The continuous absorption of light, heat and humidity into the matting will eventually cause it to break down.  The harmful contaminants will then out gas and create a stain, called a “mat burn” on your diploma. This the stain you usually see on art or other works on paper, like a diploma, that appears where the mat would sit.

Only genuine 100% cotton rag matboard is the best defense against mat burns or discoloration from acidic matting.  Cotton rag mats are made archivally from cotton cellulose, not wood paper.  These are the mats that museums, libraries and other keepers of important, rare and early artwork and other works on paper.  Works on paper include historical documents and autographs, antique maps and prints.  Even sports cards!

The backing (meaning, the board behind your diploma) should also be 100% museum grade cotton rag board.  So, your diploma should be hugged or encompassed with cotton rag material, not foam board or other acidic board material.  Over time, the acidic boards can out gas or cause shading, or staining.

Make sure the glass is 99% UV filtered by a recognized manufacturer who services the museum industry,  Tru Vue is a company Museum Framing has used for many years due to their reputation with important institutions.  Light is a critical component of fading and discoloring of art and documents.  Diplomas have been shown to fade or appear flat over time from improper glass.

You worked hard for your diploma.  Lots of money was invested in that achievement.  Understand your frame options and pick the best one for your diploma.

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