Abraham Lincoln Signed Page dated during his Presidency while the Civil War was happening, Museum Framed

Abraham Lincoln signed designed leaf as President


Abraham Lincoln Signed this leaf (sheet of paper) on May 31, 1864 in Washington, D.C.  During this time, the famous Virginia Campaign occurred when Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee went head strong against each other in the Civil War.  Signed leafs, letters and documents bring life to original autographs when you stop and think about what was transpiring in the person’s mind when the signer affixed his/her signature to a document.

History has a way of bringing to life events when you hold that same document that famous person held and put yourself in their shoes. Wow! Just heart stopping!  Yes, when you hold that letter or document in your hands…the same one that George Washington or Abraham Lincoln held, you get that incredible tingling up your spine.  This is what started my interest in collecting historical autographs back in the 1980s.

Being seasoned in collecting early coins and paper money, I went to a civil war show looking for early currency.  A buddy of mine showed me an autograph of John Mosby, a Confederate army cavalry battalion commander.  I expanded my interest into civil war autographs then presidential and American Revolution.  After a few years of studying and collecting, I decided to buy and sell professionally.  Of course, framing these letters and documents made them great showcase pieces for people to display on their walls.

With my business, Museum Framing, and being a collector, I know what type of materials and methods are needed to ensure long term preservation and protection of these unique treasures.  Now like then, there are plenty of framers who either don’t know how to frame for protecting artifacts and art, or they don’t care to know.  To them, a $5 Rock and Roll poster that you hang in a dorm room is as important as a document signed by George Washington.

We are flooded with many big box arts and crafts stores or internet art sellers that push deals in framing because the inexpensive materials they use allow them to price for huge profits.  Everywhere you go, there are “deals” offering discounts, promotions and limited time offers.  Just to get you in the door.

Before I opened my framing business, I visited many local framers to frame my historical items for resale.  When a collector removed an item from a frame, he showed me that the framer I used applied masking tape to the document.  What I saw inside the frame was shocking.  Acidic backing, regular glass and inferior materials.

This is when I started my own business of offering proper framing methods so others don’t encounter what I had.  When you spend good money framing your items, you expect them to be protected, preserved and maintained for enjoyment and investment.  So, when you decide to frame your keepsakes, be it a rare document signed by an important hero of history or your children’s art, both need and should be framed properly.  Otherwise, why frame it?

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