What’s the purpose in framing important art if you don’t preserve it?

You acquire a piece of important art, antique map or print or even a diploma you wish to proudly frame to display.  Obviously, you want it to be preserved and protected for a long time.

People believe that if something is framed, it is preserved and out of danger from deterioration. This is almost always false.  It depends on your framer and his reputation or his philosophy. In my book, I believe that people frame things that are important to them so they can enjoy them for many years.

Most people don’t enjoy displaying something that has faded or deteriorated over time. Once an item shows signs of deterioration, it usually cannot be reversed.

So, the next time you want to frame something dear to you, make sure you tell the framer how important it is to you.

After all, it will hang on your wall, not theirs!

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