Conservation Framing of Antique Stock Certificates and Bonds

American Express Stock CertificatesIn the beginning of my framing career, I met an amazing dealer/collector of antique stocks and bonds. He was a full time and very successful stock broker when I met him in the late 1980s.  On weekends, he had a widely heard radio show on investing in the financial markets.

It was through Rick Malone I met alot of other collectors and business contacts for building my conservation framing career.  Rick kept me so busy in my early years that I barely had time for personal enjoyment. 

Hinged Door Frame

Hinged Frame

Of course, developing friendships with other collectors and traveling to antique stock bond shows, like the popular one in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania was something most of us looked forward to every January. Cold and snowy, it was a fun time for all.

When framing these precious documents, especially those signed by major business leaders of yesteryear, it was important that we make sure the mounting methods conformed to several factors.  This includes age, paper makeup, degree of wear (condition) and placement of cancellation marks.

Monopoly Game SetMany stocks and bonds had the stubs glued to the side which summarized the stock.  If possible, it is important to deacidify the connecting point so the acids of the glue doesn't eat into the paper.

And, of course, frame only with 99% UV filtered glass, 100% cotton rag material and archival polypropylene for final outer backing.

Rockefeller and Flagler

Usually, when framing these decorative pieces of history, we include a portrait of the businessman. This may be John D. Rockefeller, J. P. Morgan, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Hetty Green, Marcus Garvey or J. Paul Getty.

You get the picture.  An incredible diverse group of famous individuals who left a mark in the business world.  We use many of these products and services even to this day!

VanderbiltAdditionally, we can engrave and include a biographical plaque detailing historical information and the accomplishments of this individual.  This is a nice highlight of the framing package that many collectors enjoy.

Regardless of how you frame your certificate, just make sure the framing is done correctly and anything done to it is fully reversible.

Happy Collecting!