Preservation Framing

About Rick

 With a background in fine collectibles (since 1974) and owning an a conservation framing business (since 1989), Rick Badwey has established a reputation of offering fine art and historical artifacts with museum grade framing.  From ancient antiquities to 20th century artifacts, Rick has handled a diverse selection of popular and important collectibles. Since early school days, Rick has bought, sold and traded historical documents, rare and ancient coins, antique maps and other fine antiquities with museums, collectors, libraries and dealers.

After college, framers sought framing services did not provide the quality of framing he needed to protect his historical autographs and other fine collectibles.  Thus, Rick started a framing business that specializes in protecting and preserving art and a variety of historical artifacts. Over the years, collectors, dealers, galleries, museums, libraries and the general public have sought his services for preserving their art and antiquity collections.

Over the years, Rick has served as an officer of a Washington, DC. based museum conservation organization.  He has lectured on related subjects and has authored articles for collector and framing publications and blogs.  It has been Rick's intentions that people know what’s involved in framing their artwork and  artifacts so their items don't deteriorate from improper mounting and framing.


- Faux finish made from low quality materials

- Minimum grade "acid free (NOT)" wood pulp matting

- Low or non-filtered UV Glazing

- Materials manufactured overseas but assembled domestically

- Many corporate hands wanting a slice of the pie leading to overpriced diploma frames to the students ir their loved ones

- Expensive considering the quality of the frame


- 100% True Museum Grade Frames

- Genuine wood frames found in many high end art galleries

- 99% UV filtered Glass or Acrylic used by museums, libraries and paper conservators

- 100% Cotton Rag matting - highest quality matboards available on the market

- Handcrafted and assembled in Virginia under the care and oversight of Rick Badwey


For those people who prefer shipping to us or visiting us, know this.   From the time your artwork or artifacts come into our possession, until the time they leave our premises, we treat them with the utmost care. Likewise, our premises are fully insured and have state-of-the-art security and climate controlled systems in place at all times.