Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can we maintain such low prices?

Easy!  We don’t have to split our profits with large corporations, universities nor institutions.  We would rather invest our money in materials and labor needed to provide you, our customer, with a top quality product which is needed to protect your diploma.

What is your opinion about the logo and the name of the college or university printed on the mat?

Why do you need the logo or name printed on the mat when they are already on the diploma? 

Does your diploma frame really contain museum quality materials because many sellers of diploma frames say the same thing?

If you ask museum conservators or professionals the components needed to protect diplomas or documents from fading or other negative effects, they will state you need the following, which we adhere to and have for years:

1)    99% UV glazing to prevent fading, flatness or discoloring

2)    100% cotton rag matting (which is completely acid free, alum free and lignin free)  to protect the mat from the glazing and to safely prevent mat burn marks evident with other mats, which contain a wood pulp mixture material which tones  the paper over time. 

3)    100% cotton rag backing – the diploma should rest on true cotton rag material (which is completely acid free, alum free and lignin free) to prevent acids found in wood pulp boards from staining the diploma, evident from the back.                                                                              

4)    Final backing in archival grade chloroplast – Never use any foam core or other commercial board, as these boards deteriorate over time and release gasses within the confinement of the framed diploma package.

Alpha cellulose board which some non-purists may allow is still wood pulp board that has been chemically treated. It’s like the difference between buying organic verses artificial ingredients with preservatives.

These above layers exceed the minimum components allowed by the Library of Congress, National Archives and other repository institutions which hold rare and important works of art on paper.

As a long time collector/dealer of rare and early manuscripts and other important artifacts, I have seen many historical and valuable documents and letters, antique maps, prints and other works of art on paper harmed by poorly matting and framing packages.

Why aren’t your frames sold by the college and university book stores?

It was our original goal to get our frames offered through these stores, but going to the College Store Convention in 2012 shed light on some of the arrangements the big conglomerates have with their vendors.  It was surprising what some of the college store personnel told us what goes on behind closed doors.  In the end, they want to sell a cheaper cost good for a higher price to maximize the profits for all involved.

So, we decided to promote a high quality product at a fair price, bypassing the middlemen.

When will my order ship?

We usually ship our diploma frames via Ground Insured Shipping within 1 week, much quicker than the competition.  If you desire, We can expedite your order to receive your frame within 4 business days of ordering, even faster sometimes.  This will occur when entering your shipping information before submitting your order.  However, if you are in a rush, it is preferable to contact us at   (703) 299-0100 or You will receive a confirmation of the order with all the details.

Can I order frames for gifts or order a gift card?

Sure!  Again, the quickest and easiest is via email or phone if you have specific instructions.  We can even place a gift card or note of Congratulations or ? at your request.

Hey, this is a big deal for the graduate!  Every time they see their framed diploma, they will think of you.

How much is shipping?

Free Fedex insured ground shipping is available to all 48 contiguous states.  Please call for pricing to other destinations.

Can these frames be used for other documents?

Definitely,  Since there is nothing printed on the matting, these frames can be used for other diplomas, certificates, documents, or even photos. Just ensure you note the correct size of the document or the opening size you prefer.  We cover the edge of the document so the edges are protected and the hinges aren’t evident.   If you have any questions regarding measuring, contact us.

If you have any questions that weren’t answered above, please contact us.  We want to ensure you get what you ordered.

Do I need to send my diploma?

No, you do not need to send your diploma to us for framing. The frame comes with instructions on how to easily mount your diploma or document.

If I wish, can I send you my diploma for mounting?

If you wish us to mount your diploma, please contact us via email or phone for more information. 

I don't know the diploma size. What should I do?

If you don't have the diploma, contact the school’s Registrar's Office directly to obtain this information.

Do you offer special pricing for quantity volume?

Yes, based on the quantity of frames or regularity of frames needed, we can offer discounts.

Can I request a certain frame or mat color/style?

Yes, if you have a specific request, please email or call us and we will be more than happy to dicsuss that with you. 

What is your policy on returning frames?

Returns and Exchanges

Museum Framing takes great pleasure in handcrafting the highest quality museum grade diploma frames on the market.  We also product these frames at very fair prices to give you a great frame at a great price. 

In the rare event you wish to return your frame, please know that we want to ensure your 100% satisfaction while providing a fair profit for our small business.

If you received a damaged or incorrect frame,  we will issue a return label via email.   The replacement frame will be shipped as soon as the original frame is returned, or the return label is noted.  By the way,  at least 2 people will inspect the frame and packaging before shipment to ensure correct ordering and proper packaging.  A confirmation will be sent before tendering..

If your order was shipped out correctly but you decide you don’t want it, please have the original frame returned to us (in the same condition and packaging as received).  There is a nominal $25 restocking fee on frames returned.  This covers our costs of original shipping and stocking.

Returns must be performed within 150 days of receipt.

Frames must be in their original packaging with all materials returned.

How to measure your diploma?

See diagram below. But, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at  (703) 299-0100 or