During these Times of High Gas Prices and Inflation, use Discretion When Choosing a Framer

1862 Rare Oversized Map of Washington DC during Civil War

With gas over $4 a gallon and inflation creeping up, we all must watch our dollars.  I'm not saying you must avoid the commerce activity offered online or at physical brick and mortar stores.

What is needed though is rationale behavior when buying goods and services anywhere.

For years, I have had people contact me and bring in items they have had framed elsewhere that had problems.  In one case, I had a person bring in a civil war letter she had recently framed elsewhere that had the General's signature faded!

I opened the frame and we both saw the framer did not use UV protected glass.  UV filtered glass prevents the harmful UV radiated light from constantly hitting your item or artwork.  This negative light will over time cause colors to change and inks to fade on paper.

Rare Letter of Abraham LincolnSame thing happened when a local woman brought in a couple pieces of prior framed photographs of professional hockey players, all signed - again recently framed.

Not only was the photograph dull and showed less crispness, but a couple signatures, according to the customer, were completely faded!

Unfortunately, nothing could be done to restore any of lost signatures.

Many framing retailers have been careful with their spending dollars during these times.  But, you can't cut back on archival materials meant to protect artwork and artifacts.

A person who goes to a fine, expensive steak house expects top quality food given the prices and atmosphere - no matter the economy!

How light fades images over a short time! OUCH!

At Museum Framing, we only carry products and materials used for protecting and preserving people's items from deterioration.  After all, people usually patronize a frame shop to attractively their important works while preserving the integrity of the items.

It's better to wait to get things framed later when in a position to afford to the framing, then spend less (or in some case, a lot) for lower quality framing that will stay with you for years.

Although we offer wholesale pricing based on my personal philosophy, we still see how prices have increased recently from our suppliers.

During these times, we have seen good business from current and long term clients, but cautious behavior from new clients.  Guess what? That's OK.  If you are unfamiliar with the frame shop, ask questions.

It's your items and your money!  Ask away!

Just be careful when patronizing a framing establishment!