It's Important to Treat your Important, Fragile and Antique Paper Objects before Framing

Framing Colonial CurrencyWhen you decide to preserve and frame your precious paper items, make sure you use the correct formula for either disinfecting, deacidifying or cleaning the paper or vellum media.  If not treated properly, your document or photograph will deteriorate over time.

Whether it is a newspaper announcement of your home team's win in a championship game, antique manuscripts of your family's history, or rare historical autographs, it is important you care for them before framing them. A careful visual test of the paper/vellum will determine the extent of conservaation needed.

And, of course, make sure the framing components used are truly made of inert, archival material.  Using average, frame shop framing materials, after you preserve your paper items doesn't make any sense as not using preservation grade mats, glass and backings will continue to effect your documents.

Depending on the makeup of the paper you are framing or protecting, use the right solution ingredients to neutralize and preserve the paper, vellum or other objects from the acids or decaying substances from eroding the document over time.  This is critical as the item(s) are trapped in the frame and/or scrapbook and the acids inherent in the item can cause the document, photograph or manuscript to erode over time.

Once it is deteremined the document or photo needs to be treated, it is ready for framing.  And, make sure the mats, glazing and backings all are made of the most protective elements to ensure longevity. 

Colonial document that was treated before framing

No point in framing an item with the highest museum grade materials if the paper contains acids that many late 19th to 20th century documents contain.  That's analogous to putting on formal attire for an important event without taking a shower.

So, protect your family keepsakes, rare letters or important antique photographs by doing the necessary treatment to preserve and maintain them for many years to come.